Car Photo Mosaic

By AudiQ5 • Uncategorized • 2 Dec 2010

Photo mosaics are fun ways to express yourself and create artsy displays of things that are interesting to you. For people who love cars, photo mosaics on cars are great ways to do a unique art piece that is off the beaten past. Photo mosaics are often done showing beautiful natural landscapes, different types of animals, or vegetation. However, photo mosaics on cars are another way to have a collection of favorite cars on display in a classy and artistic way.

If you love cars, consider creating your own photo mosaic to use as a way to show other people your favorite types. Photo mosaics involve choosing several different pictures and arranging them in a large picture. The individual pictures are usually arranged in some sort of order, such as three pictures by four pictures. The arrangement depends on the number of pictures you're working with, but photo mosaics can range from very small with only a few pictures, to quite large with several pictures. The size of the photo mosaic and number of pictures can give completely different feels to the photo mosaic itself.

Photo mosaics on cars can still have a large range of creativity, depending on how you'd like to create it. For example, if you're interested in old cars, consider making a photo mosaic on all old cars that you're fond of. If you love cars from a certain brand and a certain year, you can make a photo mosaic that's filled with different cars that were all made in the same year. For people who especially love one brand of cars, that's another option to create a photo mosaic on. For example, consider making a photo mosaic with different Audis, to show how the car styles have changed through the years.

You could make photo mosaics on cars as a meaningful gift for a car enthusiast. For example, a photo mosaic filled with a loved one's favorite types of cars would be a great gift. Another idea is a photo mosaic with all different cars a person has ever owned. This would certainly bring about fond memories with the different cars, whether they were old beat up cars, or nice cars like Audis. Making a personal photo mosaic with your past cars is also a great way to remember your past cars. No matter what the use or occasion, photo mosaics on cars can be a fun thing to make.

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