Hastings Car Insurance for the Discriminating Audi Driver

By AudiQ5 • Uncategorized • 2 Dec 2010

Hastings Direct car insurance is the perfect company for Audi drivers. Audi drivers are discriminating consumers, particular about what they want in a car, demanding of high quality and reliability.

When choosing a car insurer, the Audi driver should be just as discriminating and demanding. That is why Hastings car insurance is the right insurer for them.

A plethora of insurance options for the Audi Driver

With Hastings car insurance, the insured remains in control. The Audi driver can pick and choose the right level of insurance for their needs. From comprehensive coverage, theft, fire and casualty, the Audi driver has a number of options from which to choose, just as they do when they select options for their vehicle. As there is no one size fits all auto insurance policies for all Audi drivers. Hastings even offers a new car replacement policy.

First rate service

As Audi drivers have come to expect first rate service on their vehicle, they can expect the same level of service from Hastings. You can expect your questions may be answered promptly and accurately, and that all options are covered with you by a Hastings representative, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

In the case of accident or casualty loss, you can obtain an option to have a replacement car provided to you during the repair period of your vehicle, free of charge. You can also obtain free coverage of up to 60 days for travel within the EU, roadside assistance, vehicle recovery and home service within the UK.

Deep Discounts

The Audi driver can be as frugal as they are discriminating, and as a responsible a driver as they are demanding in their vehicle. That is why Hastings car insurance rates are competitive with any other insurer in the UK. Hastings will compare the rates of many of the UK’s top insurers to obtain the best rate for you.

Hastings Dui insurance offers a no claims discount of up to 65%. In addition, Hastings offers a voucher for half price MOT voucher. Finally, Hastings’ car insurance quotes are provided free of charge, so head over there and compare car insurance rates.

For the Audi driver, choose your insurance options, choose your policy, prepare for first rate service, and obtain peace of mind, knowing Hastings will provide the best service in the industry. Obtain a free quote on a Hastings policy at http://www.hastingsdirect.com or head over to any other Auto insurance site and compare auto insurance rates.

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