Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC) = SICK!

By AudiQ5 • Audi Q5 Sound System • 10 Dec 2010

So the new AudiQ5 comes with various stereo systems and for me personally it’s a bit weird, since I have tons of CDs in my car and kind of love it that way (yeah…I am old school, but my buddy has 2-3 disc duplicators, which he used in his previous job.

So once my car is ready…….I’ll have a hard time getting all those CDs on MP3s and then plug them into my car. It probably will take me a few days and some serious hard drive 🙂

Well..the Bang & Olufsen system is probably worth the switch:

– Technical specifications


* 14 loudspeakers


* 10-channel DSP amplifier – 505 watt


* Unique speaker grilles with a nice aluminium ring integrated
* Bespoke sound design by the acoustic team at Bang & Olufsen

Sound features

* Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC) – automatic real-time adjustment of equalization and volume to compensate for changing noise levels
* Sound focus with the following settings: driver/front/rear/all (only feasible in cars with a navigation system)
* Surround level adjustment

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