By AudiQ5 • Audi Music • 11 Dec 2010

So I always have the problem of finding the right station in my car and the music of my Ipod Touch also gets sometimes annoying. I could use my smartphone, but since I don’t have an Iphone and synching data on other devices is as stupid as it gets, I always have the dilemma oft what to listen to.

So…I thought I might get an fm transmitter for my car. Problem is….a car fm transmitter often doesn’t work the way you want. Especially when it comes to charging multiple devices

But maybe that’s the solution: I just saw over at the Autocon FM Transmitter. It doesn’t solve the charging problem, but ”

“AutoCon comes with a 3.5mm Aux Cable, and for getting music from a device into the car radio, it uses rapid auto scan technology.”

Nice! And $45 is definitely worth the try.

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